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From the Desk of Ian Spencer

Dear friend ,

  • Do you experience sudden episodes of intense and overwhelming fear that seem to come on for no apparent reason?
  • During these episodes, do you experience symptoms like a racing heart, chest pains, breathing difficulties, choking sensations, lightheadedness, tingling or numbness?
  • Does your mind keep spinning with obsessive thoughts, what-if thoughts as you second guess about horrible things you think might happen?
  • Do you experience insomnia and other sleeping problems?
  • Does the anxiety, fear, and panic often leave you feeling helpness?
  • Is anxiety interfering with your daily life, such that you wake up each day fearful of how the day will be like?
  • Do you suffer from uncontrollable sweating?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above questions, then I believe you should be aware of this....

You're NOT alone.

Anxiety Newspaper Report

Contrary to what others might say, there are actually natural and non-medical ways that you can deal with anxiety.

Read This Anxiety Help


I know you are busy so let me get straight to the point.

Almost five years ago, I too was suffering from sudden and random bouts of extreme fear and panic. My condition was so bad that I even had to stay away from public areas just because an attack might have come on at any time.

I became withdrawn and stayed at home all the time, venturing out of the house only to get groceries and sometimes for an occasional walk around the block – but I never strayed too far from home because I was simply too afraid of another panic attack.

Are You Living In Constant Fear Too?

Living in constant fear of my condition left me socially withdrawn and lonesome… it seemed like no one could understand or help me get better. All the doctors I saw prescribed the same medication over and over, and gave me the same generic advice that only served to help them get even richer – my anxiety attacks always came back eventually.

"Your Ebook Is A Must Have For People Having Anxiety Problems."

Dear Ian,

I don't know how to thank you. Your ebook is a must have for people having anxiety problems. It really empowered me to deal with my stress issues and anxiety attacks. The extra bonuses were much appreciated too. Especially the audio exercises which I use on a daily basis now.

Thank you for making my life so much better Ian. God Bless.

Joel Riley


I Was On The Brink Of Breaking Down Emotionally…

Nothing was going right in my life. My panic attacks were affecting my job performance, and I was sure I was going to get fired. My friends began to avoid me, and I had no one to turn to for my problems…

I was at the lowest point in my life, and couldn’t even find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

My life felt meaningless...

Then I Accidentally Discovered The Astonishing Secrets Of How Easily I Could Actually
Eliminate My Panic Attacks

One day, I took a good look in the mirror, and I realized how disgusted I was at my sullen, pathetic reflection… At that very moment, I knew that if I didn’t take charge of my situation, I would be condemned to sink deeper and deeper into depression.

I was determined to get my life back!

And so I spent hours upon hours each day at the library and in front of the computer, doing my own research on the causes and effects of panic attacks. I referenced all the medical documentation and research papers I could get my hands on, and scanned through the online blogs and forums that were dedicated to helping people recover from anxiety attacks…

All my research just seemed to go around in circles… it seemed like no one had any concrete idea on how to get rid of my anxiety and depression!

…And Then It Hit Me.

Suddenly – and by complete accident – a simple yet profound idea hit me.

It was so obvious that I couldn’t believe that I didn’t realize it sooner!

And Here’s The Secret…

Have you ever wondered why doctors aren’t able to help you get rid of your panic attacks despite all their ‘experience’ and ‘professional training’?

Well, as it turns out, the answer is simply because: they are medical doctors.


You see, doctors and psychologists only focus on the medical aspects of your panic attacks and anxiety symptoms. To them, the solution to all illness and conditions is a medical solution.

Not only that – doctors see thousands of patients every year where they apply the same treatment ‘template’ to everyone. Usually, they prescribe the exact same ‘treatment method’ of medication and trial and error.

I’ve put myself through these ‘trail and errors’ more times than I can remember, constantly struggling with the temporary relief that always resulted in the symptoms coming back again.

The so-called “experts” simply re-iterated the same textbook answers that they have been trained to give. It took me some time before I came around to the realization that all these “experts” were doing, was taking a predetermined formula and trying to apply it on me.

" Really Beneficial To Know Why Things Are Happening So You Can Fix Them."

Hey Ian,

I really liked Anxiety Free Today. I enjoyed the bulleted lists and the questions that you listed to determine if you're stressed.

It's really beneficial to know why things are happening so you can fix them. Your tips are very helpful and I learned a few to improve my life.

Sincerely Yours,
Brad Spencer

The Secret Of Finally Eliminating Anxiety

Knowing that drugs and medications can’t help me (not permanently at least), I took it upon myself to learn more about psychiatric treatment and emotional management alternatives…

And what I found out shocked me…

You Won’t Believe How Easily I Solved
My Anxiety Problems

I just couldn’t believe how easy it was. This treatment method completely turned my life around… and it has since changed the lives of hundreds of others for the better.

I am now almost five years free from any symptoms of anxiety, and I’ve never felt better in my life.

I’m incredibly thankful for a second chance at life, and I try my best not to take it for granted. I also realize that there are still people out there in the world who are suffering from panic attacks, and I feel like I owe it to them to share my story and discoveries.

Now, It is My Personal Mission To Help You Overcome Your Panic Attacks… For Good!

So let me share with you the techniques that I’ve used to completely eliminate my anxiety and panic attacks…

Announcing The
"Anxiety Free Today"

Anxiety Free Today

In this comprehensive program, you will:

  • Understand the different types of anxiety attacks, and how to stop them immediately in their tracks.

  • Learn the special techniques and strategies to easily and quickly eliminate anxiety

  • Pinpoint and eliminate potential work issues that can affect your levels of stress

  • Remove energy drain plugs that are sucking your life away

  • Enhance your psychological and physiological systems to resist panic attacks

  • Rid your mind of obessive negativity

  • Gain control of your emotions through proven and trusted techniques

  • Achieve the peace of mind and comfort that you have always been looking for

  • Improve your outlook on life, and to stay happy

  • Enjoy social gatherings and parties, instead of being afraid and shying away

  • Boost your confidence and never again be afraid of panic attacks

  • Prevent any panic attacks from ever happening again

And that’s just a fraction of what I’ll be revealing to you… order now and you can be reading it in just 5 minutes!

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"If Something Can Change Your Life, And Speaks To The Heart Of Your Problems, It Is Not Only Your Responsibility To Yourself To Give It A Try, It Is Your Responsibility To Everyone Who Loves You."

There are no words that can really describe how I feel. 40 years I have held a burden with me, suffering at home, at work and in life. My world was limited to my medications, small cramped hospital rooms and the fear of having another panic attack.

Just a few days ago, I was set to attend my youngest grandson’s wedding, and I had suffered another claustrophobic attack in my home a week before my flight to Leeds. Doctors said I couldn’t take the stress of the flight, with my arthritis, weak heart and possible debilitating panic attacks.

I quite by accident, well my daughter, did, come across your website and she secretly bought your programme for me. Being a stubborn old man, I resisted it at first, but soon, she sat down with me and we went through the techniques in your book and your audio exercises.

I’m writing to you now from a laptop at home, where my grandson will be getting married in less than 4 hours. Not only did I get on the flight, I went cycling with my granddaughter and for the first time in my life, woke up with a smile on my face.

To all the rest out there, I say, don’t wait for someone else to take action, don’t be a stubborn old man like I was. If something can change your life, and speaks to the heart of your problems, it is not only your responsibility to yourself to give it a try, it is your responsibility to everyone who loves you.”

Thank you,
Mark Johnson
Philadelphia, PA

AND WAIT : That's Not All...

Get The Limited-Edition Anxiety Free TodayTM Workbook

To make sure you get best possible experience out of this package, I’ve also included a special workbook to guarantee the elimination of your panic attacks.

Anxiety Free Today Workbook
  • Identify your susceptibility to anxiety, stress and depression

  • Improve your work-life balance and get your personal finances into order

  • Prepare your mind to enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life

  •  Eliminate the negative thoughts that hinder your happiness

  • Change your perception of life

  • Develop the motivation to work towards your goals and dreams

  • Discover a great way to relief anxiety and keep your emotions under control

  • Get longer, better quality sleep

This workbook will ensure that you put my techniques and strategies into practice. I don’t want you to just read the book and chuck it aside. No – I want to help you absorb and apply the knowledge that I’ve gained, so that you too can be free from the destructive effects of anxiety.

These quick and effective worksheets will virtually ‘force’ you to apply my techniques, so that there’s no chance you’ll not benefit from my program.

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What’s a resource like this worth?

Just imagine how different your life would be if you never had to experience any more panic attacks. No more sudden and unexpected disruptions to you life, and no more feeling unsafe and insecure all the time.

Finally, you’ll be free to pursue your most desired goals and dreams, without being held back by your anxiety. What’s the price tag you’ll put on this life-changing opportunity?

I’m not going to bog you down with complicated terms and technicalities – instead, everything in this program will be explained in plain, simple English… which means that you’ll be able to understand and utilize the techniques this program quickly and easily.

The program has been structured in a systematic, step-by-step manner to ensure that you get optimal results, fast.

" And I Strongly Recommend It To Anyone With Issues Of General Anxiety, Panic Attacks Or Depression... "

I have suffered for years with anxiety, panic, and depression. Medication did help somewhat but I was looking for a permanent solution. I'm glad that I found AnxietyFreeToday.com, its comprehensive approach was what I really needed.

The Anxiety Free Today program simply works. And I strongly recommend it to anyone with issues of general anxiety, panic attacks or depression.

Susan M.


But before you decide how much you’re willing to invest in such priceless information, let me assure you that I’m so confident of the value of this program, that I’ll even give you a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Your Investment Is Secured With My
100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

Now, if you’re thinking about investing in this program but are still sceptical, that’s perfectly okay… It’s natural to be slightly apprehensive, and I completely understand your point of view.

And because I’m 100% sure that this program can work for you, I’m giving you my personal 60 day absolutely-no-questions-asked guarantee.

Let me take all the risk. Grab the Anxiety Free Today program today, and if for any reason you’re not complete satisfied with it, simply drop me an email and I’ll refund 100% your investment on the spot within 60 days of your purchase.

You won’t need to decide now if this system can work for you. Instead, try it for 60 days RISK FREE.


That’s about as good as it gets, wouldn’t you agree?

But that’s not all – I want to give you even more value for your investment, so here’s what I’ll do for you. I’m gong to include these bonuses that have been specially created to compliment the Anxiety Free TodayTM program, at no additional charge for you.

Simply grab your copy of the Anxiety Free Today program right now, and you’ll get these bonuses right away…

Limited Fast Action Bonuses
(I Reserve The Rights To Pull/Change These Bonuses At Anytime!)


Massaging Anxiety And Stress Away Audio Exercise (Value:$27)



  • Instantly relief stress, muscle and joint pain

  • Reduce water retention and anxiety symptoms

  • Learn via step-by-step instructions how to perform massages on your back, shoulders, head, hands and feet.

  • No special equipment required

  • Feel relaxed and refreshed during those long hours at work

  • Discover how these simple but effective techniques can improve your mood and temperament

  • Boost your productivity as you stimulate and recharge your tired muscles




Guided Meditation For Calmness Audio Exercise (Value:$27)



  • Quickly and effectively find clarity and focus in your everyday life

  • Relief chronic stress and feel relaxed throughout the day

  • Achieve peaceful state of mind

  • Boost your energy levels and productivity

  • Recharge your tired mind and enhance your creativity

  • Learn the techniques to open your mind to life’s opportunities for success

  • Establish a level of mental and emotional comfort in your life

  • Step-by-step instructions for a quick and effective meditation session

  • Develop the focus you need to go about achieving the success in life that you desire




Muscle Tension Relief Audio Exercise (Value:$27)



  • Quickly and effectively find clarity and focus in your everyday life

  • Relief chronic stress and feel relaxed throughout the day

  • Achieve peaceful state of mind

  • Boost your energy levels and productivity

  • Recharge your tired mind and enhance your creativity

  • Learn the techniques to open your mind to life’s opportunities for success

  • Establish a level of mental and emotional comfort in your life

  • Step-by-step instructions for a quick and effective meditation session

  • Develop the focus you need to go about achieving the success in life that you desire


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These 3 audio tracks have been specially custom-made to give you maximum exposure to the techniques and strategies that we’ll cover in your copy of the Anxiety Free TodayTM program.

They are purely exclusive to AnxietyFreeToday.com and will not be found anywhere else in the world – they are only available as part of the Anxiety Free TodayTM package (but only if you hurry!)

And because I know how much more you use the computers these days. I have also specially designed these beautiful and relaxing screensavers just for you. Let's just call it...the extra bribe to help you help yourself.



Screensaver Deluxe Packs 1, 2 and 3 (Value:$47)


These special set of screensavers have been carefully designed to provide you with the best possible relaxation techniques to ease your work stress.

Watch the trees rustle and water ripples in the lake… these animated screensavers are so realistic that you’ll almost feel like you’re right there!

  • Experience the wonder of nature right there on your screen, at anytime you wish

  • Includes the realistic animation of the movements of mother nature

  • Relief stress as you feel renew and refuel your energy levels

  • These special screensavers are proprietary and will not be found anywhere else!


These screensavers are so new that I have not released them to the public yet… So grab a copy of this package now and secure this bonus for yourself!


By now, I hope you realize the incredible value you’re getting from this entire package. Stop being fearful of any more panic attacks, and start living. Don’t waste your life away sitting at home refusing to go out.

Improve your relationships, finances and even your physical well-being. Once you put these techniques to use, you’ll realize how quickly and easily you can fix your problems with anxiety.

Join the hundreds of people worldwide who have already freed themselves from the mental prison of anxiety attacks, and allow yourself to live the life you’ve always wanted, free from anxiety.

Grab your copy of the "Anxiety Free Today" program now by clicking on the link below!


YES Ian, I Want The Package

I Want To Re-Transform My Life

  • I understand I'll be instantly downloading the entire Anxiety Free Today program, complete with the 3 fast-action bonus audio tracks and the 3 super bonus screensaver packs for a measly one-time investment of $197 $77 $47.

  • On top of that, I also understand that my investment is protected by your 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Anxiety Free Today Package 1



(I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)


Towards a happier, more fulfilling life

Ian Spencer


" Do The Right Thing, Right Here And Now. Before It's Too Late... "

I've seen how Ian has transformed his life around with the same techniques he goes through in the Anxiety Free Today Program. If you're a victim of general anxiety and panic attacks, I urge you to give this program a try.

Do the right thing, right here and now. Before it’s too late.

After all, you do deserve a better standard of living. You don’t have to let anxiety and panic attacks ruin years or even decades of your life.

Greg Frost
Director Of ChargedAudio.com


P.S Still skeptical? I completely understand. You probably don't know me, and you're not sure if this is what you're looking for. But since you've read this far, I know you're want to make a positive change to your life. Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk as you are protected by my 60-day no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee.

P.P.S If you think that even at $197 $47 that this is still too expensive for a proven system that will change your life, I'm sorry that you feel this way. There will be no book, program or seminar out there that will be able to help you. But if you're ready to learn these secrets to make a 180-degree change to your life, please do yourself a favor and download your copy of the Anxiety Free Today program while it's still available at this low price.

P.P.P.S Remember, there is no risk at all for you here. Even if you decide to ask for a refund within the 60-day period, you’ll still get to keep the entire Anxiety Free Today program, including all bonuses. They are yours to keep for your trouble. It's just my way of saying "thanks” for giving my program a try. Click to download now!


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